Let Sister Create Set Lists and Finds Places to Perform

For Comedians, Storytellers, Musicians, DJs,Karaoke Singers

Let Sister is a web app that organizes and integrates Happenings with Set Lists.

With powerful filtering tools, you'll find and prepare for gigs no prob.. if you Let Sis help.

By connecting People, Events, Venues, Shows, Set Lists, Tags, Feedback...Sis can tell you:

  • When did you last do that bit about ice cream?
  • Who saw you do that ice cream bit?
  • Who must you charm to get stage time at Important Show?
  • Which of your songs about Love have scored higher than 6 /10?
  • Where's the nearest open mic?

A Simple Process

  1. Build a Repertoire of Bits (songs, jokes..)

  2. Find or Make a Show Instance (event)

  3. Build a Set List for your Slot in the Show

  4. Email Yourself or Print a Crib Sheet

  5. PERFORM!!

  6. Note the Peeps that Saw You

  7. Note how the bits went over. Attach Video / Audio URL.

Ready to include Sister?