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Let Sister answer your questions about Set Listing.

Can I use LetSister to promote my shows?

Yes. With 3 clicks, you generate an attractive public web page containing show details (location, performers, date/time) and Tweet the URL. LetSister pulls all of the information together for you.

I have a notebook with my bits and I prepare for shows on a piece of paper. Why should I use LetSister?

LetSister is not a replacement for a notebook or any spreadsheet you might keep. We encourage continuous note-taking and refinement of your repertoire. LetSister is simply a tool so you can quickly cross-reference information. By using tags (labels) and creating set lists, you can easily obtain answers such as: which bits are tagged 'x'; when did I previously perform 'x.'

In what ways is it easier to make lists with LetSister than with a piece of paper?

Whether making a set list or a roster of performers for a gig, you have the benefit of LetSister's auto-complete and re-ordering and Import technology. Also, it's easier to share and reproduce.

How is it easier to share and reproduce with LetSister?

When you make a Set List, you can then email it to yourself, print it, or even Tweet it. If you make a roster of performers, you can point them to it.

Can't Let Sister help me work out a bit and track its evolution and feedback?

LetSister allows you to create multiple versions of a bit, or even segments of a bit. That way you can track each version or segment. You can be as detailed as you wish with LetSister. You can choose to enter Numerical Feedback scores and notes for each time you perform a bit. Or you can just a generic Bit title and make some notes on how it went per show.

Why should I trust Let Sister with my precious bits?

Let Sister uses a state-of-the-art MySQL Database, which is maintained on multiple web servers by the professionals at

I just feel weird that LetSister might steal all my bits and profit from them. Are you going to sell them?

LetSister does not sell any bits. It's simply a tool for you to organize bits, and notes, along with your calendar of gigs. We encourage you to sell your bits yourself via a blog, Youtube, Facebook etc.

Do I have to enter text for my bits? I like the whole Set Listing thing, but I don't trust sis with words.

You can merely enter a Title for a bit, and make it ambiguous. Bit text is optional; notes are optional. You could simply link to a password-protected document on Google, or Sky Drive, or your computer. Or to a video!

What is the relation between LetSister and Twitter?

LetSister is a third-party Twitter App built by Open Hydrant.

Can I tweet a set list?

Yes, bands especially will dig this LetSister tool after a gig: with 3 clicks, you generate an attractive web page that contains the show information (date, location, your name) and your set list (titles of pieces). LetSister pulls all of the information together.

Why did you make this?

In short: to make it easy to find, prepare for, and promote gigs so that an artist can devote more time to writing and performing.

The creators of LetSister are themselves performers who wished to track their bits. So they made The Bit Tracker 2000 for comedians. Then they decided to make a version more compatible with other types of performers, like rock stars. Then they decided it would be cool if the users were able to share Objective information like shows, so that each didn't have to duplicate the same information, but could benefit from the input of one another.

Some of the stuff I enter can be seen by the community? Please explain!

Your bits and sets are private. The shows you enter are viewable by the LetSister community. This includes your appearances.

What is an appearance?

When you are marked as being at an instance of a show, either as a performer, host, or supporting role.

What is an instance of a show?

A show instance means a show occurence. A show might be a one-off or a recurring show, just like a Calendar Event. If you denote that you will (or did) attend, you can attach a Set to that instance. Only you can see your Set data. It contains general info about the show instance (hosts, locaton), your notes, and of course, the Set List itself.

I understand that my Sets are Private and that I can prevent others from making changes to the Shows I create, but I want to hide Everything from the community. I don't want anyone to see my shows.

Are you sure you want to be in show business?

Are you sure you don't want to see my bits? / My question wasn't answered in this list.

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