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A Creative Workshop in NYC

We seek to improve the human condition through digital engineering feats, making and mixing media.

Famprr is an LLC (New York) managed by web developer Matt Hanley.

We build projects of our own initiative and also take on challenges from clients.

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We make music spin!

Famprr is happy to have made eJukes.com, a service that lets musicians have their tunes spin on a virtual record player. Fans set the background animation, choose a disc color, and use tokens to select tracks.

The server-side, front-end coding, and design was all created by Famprr, including:

  • a content management system
  • statistics recording and display
  • and a super-admin to approve and monitor all the eJukes

Here's a Screencast of an eJuke

screencast of an ejuke

LetSister: a Web App for Performers

Set List Management and More

For performers, a system to manage repertoire, find gigs, track how things go, connect with show producers, and more!

Visit LetSister.com

A New Way to Poll Patrons

Famprr built a turnkey customer polling / survey system, TwoWayStreet.app.

With TwoWayStreet, orgs make 'sharing opportunities' that take the shape of selecting, removing, ranking, rating a set of things.

Beautiful charts of results are generated.

Ready to Challenge Famprr?

You can trust a straight-forward, honest approach to your queries and challenges.

Famprr founder Matt Hanley was a 7-year coding vet of The New York Times and has a range of experiences solving problems for orgs of various sizes and missions.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn ... or send a note to matt@famprr.com

Matthew Hanley