Creative and Tech Get Stuck on the Subway Together

Famprr builds multi-media projects in New York City, to ease the human condition.

Recent work includes : The Virtual Jukebox, The MTA Subway Game, and Two Way Street, a web app for businesses and patrons to share ideas and feedback.

NYC Subway Game

The NYC Subway Game allows you to experience what it is like to have a reasonable travel plan, and then see what becomes of those plans in wake of Fate.

The game is written in Javascript, and relies on the RANDOM method.
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Let Sister

Relaunched March 2020. For performers to track their repertoire, make set lists, and keep track of shows, contacts, and more ... formerly The Bit Tracker 2000.

It's also an easy way to share info on open mics.
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Two Way Street App

For businesses and artist to poll their patrons.

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Virtual Jukebox

A cool screen version of a jukebox, used to feature singles from the Free Music Archive.