Cable & Gauge

For this popular womens clothing line, we made a very tasty, fun to use page to introduce the several lines / sub-brands.

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An example of doing much with little. For this apparel brand, without models, we devised a series of photographs of racks that beautifully fill the screen and animate.

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My Occupation : song, video, webpage

Having written and produced a recording, My Occupation, Famprr talent scripted and produced a video for it. And then made a webpage about the song, the record, the video...the making of the website (j/k lol).

See the webpage.

Starring MH : website

Theme-based website for Sand Records artist Starring MH. Features film roll navigation.

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Mangia, animated banner

Famprr was glad to provide writing, graphics, and WordPress help to Mangia, a well-regarded New York City food marketplace / catering company. This is an animated gif we conceived and executed. Since the client prints its founding year (1981) in its logo, we played on showing 2019 turn into 2020 for the new year. Famprr made several banners, menu PDFs for Mangia in 2019.

Cupio Blush

Cupio Blush targets a younger woman looking for casual wear. The site is to provide brand identiy, demnostrate how Blush clothes fit into the cool millenial life.

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Virtual Record Player

We made a very servicable record player that resembles the motion and functionality, including "flipping" the disc.

The turntable can be customized.
Also.. a full-blown virtual jukebox

NYC Subway Game

The NYC Subway Game allows you to experience what it is like to have a reasonable travel plan, and then see what becomes of those plans in wake of Fate.

The game is written in Javascript, and relies on the RANDOM method.
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Two Way Street App

For businesses and artist to poll their patrons via a variety of question types - Ranking, Rating, Multiple Choice. Integrates Google Charts, Dropbox.

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Virtual Jukebox

We made another record player system! It's a jukebox! It reads a data file (JSON) of mp3, artist, song info. See it in use with the WFMU Free Music archive.

See the jukebox.

Let Sister : a Web App for Performers

Formerly The Bit Tracker 2000, Let Sister became an app to let a performer not only track her bits and how they did at shows, but also to find shows and contacts via a community.

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